an upload comm for East-Asian electronica acts

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electronica upload comm for east-asian music
This is Asiatronic, an upload community for all Asian electronica acts -- with a distinct focus on East Asia, though artists from other countries are also welcome. Please make sure you read the rules before you post and we hope you have a good time. All posts are locked, so you must join if you wish to see what there is.

The purpose of this comm is to spread the joy of electronica, not only Japanese, but also from Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.

Goderators: baka_tenshi, jongwan & joonpyo

1) Have a bribe before you request. It keeps everything fair in the community. Also, before you request you may want to check earlier posts to see if it's already been uploaded.

2) Tag your posts! This will allow people to find things easier. If there is not a tag already for it, just leave it blank and a mod will do it for you. ^^

3) In the subject, please mention the artist and whether it is a request, upload or rotation.

4) No trolling, flaming, arguing, etc. If we see anything get out of hand, both parties will be instantly banned. Take your soap box out of here.

5) Remember this community is exclusively for the heavy electronica acts and not so much mainstream pop, such as Ayumi Hamasaki, BoA, DBSK etc. You may upload remix albums of these artists, however.

6) You don't have to ask to advertise but only advertise once, please.

Any questions, concerns, affiliate requests or whatnot should be directed to one of the Goderators and we'll get back to you ASAP.